A 24-hour Hackathon to solve real-world challenges!

AutumnHacks is a hackathon designed to encourage developers and problem solvers to build hacks that address global challenges and make this world a better place to live. 

AutumnHacks is committed to accessibility and is open to any high school or college student looking to learn, create and have fun! Prior programming experience is not a mandate. This event - including food, swag, and prizes - is entirely free to attend!

Join us to:

  • Gain new skills through projects and workshops
  • Learn to build hacks and solve problems with technology
  • Network with other problem-solvers and developers
  • Learn to take your idea and turn it into a scalable product
  • Win great prizes
Swags and food are provided by us


Event Schedule:

Saturday, October 12, 2019 

Entries will be accepted from 9:30 am for the all registered candidates 

Technical Workshop 

9:30 am     Registrations

10:00 am   Hackathon Orientation

10:30 am   Theme and Problem Statement Round

11:30 pm   Theme Reviewing Round

12:00 pm   Hack the Technical Interview: Algorithms Practice (Optional Workshop)

12:45 pm   Lunch

After Lunch (1:45 pm), Participants will be moved to Hackathon Rooms.

Mentors will be available to guide you throughout the event while you hack through the night. 

2:00 pm   Hacking Begins! Get Your Hack On.

3:00 pm   Building First App with Thunkable (Optional Workshop)

5:00 pm   Snacks

5:15 pm   Hacking Continues 

9:00 pm   Dinner 

10:00 pm Hacking Continues 

Sunday, October 13, 2019

2:30 am   Mid Night Snacks

3:00 am   Hacking Continues

9:00 am   Breakfast

9:15 am   Hacking Continues

12:00 pm  Online Submission Starts (On Devpost)

12:30 pm  Judging- Project Round starts

12:30 pm  Lunch

2:30 pm   Results announced on Devpost and on-site

3:00 pm   Pitch/Presentation of winning teams followed by prize distribution


Hackathon Sponsors


1,474,232 in prizes

Overall Winner

Winners will receive ₹3,71,385 (5305 USD) worth of Prizes along with Special Swags and Goodies

Project based on UI

Winners will receive ₹3,67,949 (5256 USD) worth of Prizes along with Special Swags and Goodies

Project based on Technical Strength

Winners will receive ₹3,67,949 (5256 USD) worth of Prizes along with Special Swags and Goodies

Project based on Idea + Implementation Strategy

Winners will receive ₹3,66,949 (5242 USD) worth of Prizes along with Special Swags and Goodies

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


The Hackathon is open only to participants /team of participants who are:

  • Individuals (High School and Undergraduate College Students)
  • Teams are limited to 5 members maximum

All members of a participant team must meet all eligibility requirements or the participant’s team will be disqualified. If you don't have a team yet, search for other participants looking for a team in the "Participant(s)" tab and send them an invite. You will receive an email when others invite you to join the team.


Themes will be provided on-site and no pre-made projects shall be accepted

Problem Statement Round: Submissions through AutumnHacks App

Solution/Idea:  Submissions through AutumnHacks App

Final Project: Submission through DevPost

All participants making valid submissions in all three rounds (problem statement round, idea round and build round) will be eligible to receive a participation certificate, cloud credits, and other exciting swags.



Jasjit Chopra

Jasjit Chopra
Cloud Solution Architect at Penthara Technologies / Microsoft Azure MVP

Gaurav Madaan

Gaurav Madaan
Principal Software Consultant at Technossus

Judging Criteria

  • Implementation of the Idea
    Includes how well the idea was executed by the developer.
  • Quality of Idea
    Includes creativity and originality of the idea.
  • Potential Impact
    Includes the potential positive impact of the application, such as bettering the lives of people or the environment, or accelerating business or research outcomes.
  • Feasibility/Viability
    Can this idea be implemented in the real world? How will users interact with gain information from the application?
  • Wow Factor
    Is your idea revolutionary and out of the box?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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